High Peak's History

According to Bob Schneider, past chief of the Inter-Canyon Fire Department, High Peak (the name of our mountain) burned with no firefighting effort in 1906.

In 1925, W.G. Schweigert, of Denver, bought the 640 acres for $6,400.00 from the estate of Henry Baer of Ohio County, W. Virginia, who had died in December, 1909. It changed ownership in 1931, 1941, 1955, and 1956. In November, 1961 it became Hilldale Pines, Inc. The 1st filing was platted in April 1961. The 2nd filing in January 1970, 3rd filing in April 1971, and the 4th filing in August 1973.

There are a total of 303 lots in the subdivision. By 1970, there had been 17 homes built, 90 homes by 1975, 150 by 1980, and 203 homes by 1985. Now, there are about 275 homes and 25+ vacant lots. Many of the remaining vacant lots are not suitable to be built on or are owned by homeowners living in Hilldale Pines.

Many changes have been made to our subdivision since K-Mac, Inc. turned the community over to the homeowners, and the Hilldale Pines Homeowners Association (HOA) was then incorporated in 1975.

Roads in the 3rd and 4th filings were unapproved by the county and only certain roads in the 1st and 2nd filings were being maintained. School buses were picking children up at the entrance to the subdivision. After much effort on the part of many homeowners, 100 feet of guardrail was installed, roads were county approved, and school buses now pick up children at convenient locations throughout the subdivision.

Hilldale Pines was originally, in the Elk Creek Fire Protection District - about 8 miles away. Petitions went out and a lawyer was hired to have Hilldale Pines exculuded from Elk Creek and included into Inter-Canyon Fire Protection District - about 3 miles away. The benefits realized from this were and continue to be, emergency protection in a closer proximity, a lowered insurance rate, and ambulance service. Then in 1988 two Water Cisterns containing 15,000 gallons of water were installed for fire protection, on Georgia Circle and the Cul-de-sac at Crestview and Cedar.

Our roads, at one time, changed names at every curve and were confusing to visitors, delivery personnel, law enforcement and emergency personnel. Petitions were circulated to change the main thoroughfare to one name now known as City View Drive.

In 1989 and 1990, the homeowners of Hilldale Pines raised over $130,000 to pave all 3.1 miles of City View Drive along with about 1/2 mile more pavement on other main roads. In addition to this, 470 feet of guardrail was also installed.

In 1991, the Hilldale Pines HOA purchased the vacant lot just below our new Hilldale Pines sign. A fantastic bridge was built to cross the creek, and the HOA purchased three picnic tables for the park.

In 1991 a sign was installed at the South Turkey Creek entrance to keep residents aware of the severity of fire danger.

In 2001 a playpad with swings and a slide was installed for use by smaller residents.

Hilldale Pines Park

Then on February 2, 1992 our new log Hilldale Pines Inter-Canyon Fire Department Station No. 5 was dedicated. This could save up to 20 minutes in case of fire and may not only save one house, but all of Hilldale Pines in the event of wildfire. In 1995, two more water cisterns were installed; 20,000 gallons behind the new fire station and 10,000 gallons in the Crystal Drive Cul-de-sac.

The Hilldale Pines HOA was also approved in 1992 to participate in the Adopt-a-Highway program for 2 1/4 miles of South Turkey Creek and in 1997 for 3.1 miles of City View Drive. Homeowners clean these stretches of road every spring and fall.

In the summer of 1993, the HOA worked diligently with the Colorado State Forest Service to get a Wildfire Mitigation and Forest Stewardship Plan in place. At this time 135 homeowners have had their trees marked but only 70 lots have completed their plan.

Originally, mail was delivered to the entrance of Hilldale Pines only. Then about 25 years ago, stations were built throughout the subdivision. Those stations were replaced twice. The new sturdy stations, built in 1999 should last at least 25-30 years due to the treated wood and sturdiness of the stations.

All of these past and future changes have come about thanks to the efforts of the Hilldale Pines HOA and the fabulous efforts of many homeowners.

Hilldale Pines is a unique community with much to offer. On behalf of the Homeowners Association, we would like to welcome you to the area.