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Welcome to our Neighborhood!

Neighbor Helping Neighbor
This web page is provided by the Hilldale Pines Homeowners Association in Morrison Colorado. Please feel free to visit. If you are considering moving to Hilldale Pines and joining our community, this web page should provide ample information to aid in that decision.
Again, welcome and enjoy your stay.

High Peak, our beautiful mountain is home to almost 300 families and at an elevation of 8000 feet boasts an incredible view of the Denver Metro area.
The homeowners association is active with a board of residents who work together to provide many great services to the property owners.

Our Online Guide to Mountain Living information was adapted from the print version of the "Directory and Guide to Mountain Living", published for homeowners in 1992 and then again in 1999. The book was compiled by Terri Cotter, Mary Holmstrom and Shirley M. Johnson with much help from other homeowners.

The purpose for such a guide was that many of us move to the mountains totally unaware of our extreme fire danger, our responsibility towards maintaining a healthy forest and just what is involved in mountain living.
It is the hope of the Homeowners Association that all the residents of Hilldale Pines become more involved in the awareness of fire danger and what we can do, individually and as a community, to prevent it.

Please take some time to read the sections under Mountain Living. They cover a variety of topics such as creating defensible zones around your home, heating choices, and mountain wildlife.

If you are interested in the Hilldale Pines Forest Stewardship program, or grant money, please contact us.
We can explain the many options available to you and add you to our homeowners association program with the Colorado State Forest Service
(individual calls to the forest service will only slow the process). The Colorado State Forest Service deals with forest health, management and defensible space guidelines. They are available to provide information, as well as mark a defensible space on your property. The cost for a visit is $75.00 for the first hour and $26.00 for every additional hour. By working as a HOA, we can get faster service and area able to share costs.
If you still would like to call direct, talk to Brenda Orth at 303-279-9757x310.
Jefferson County Wildfire Mitigation Specialist Rocco Snart, 303-271-4902, is also available. His visit is free but he deals with Wildfire Regulations, must adhere to very strict regulations, and doesn't concentrate on the health of the forest. Check out his website.