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A letter from Inter-Canyon Fire/Rescue:

Inter-Canyon Fire/Rescue has met with the Hilldale Pines Homeowners Association to find the best places in your neighborhood to store more water for fighting house fires and wild fires. Inter-Canyon always encourages more water storage.

At present Inter-Canyon has the use of a 20,000 gallon cistern located at 10426 Georgia Circle at Station No. 5, a 10,000-gallon cistern on Crystal Dr., and a small cistern on Crest View. This may seem like a lot, but keep in mind that it could take over 40,000 gallons just to fight a single house fire, which did happen on Double Header Mountain.

According to our district map, there are approximately 240 homes in Hilldale Pines. According to the Jefferson County Land Development Regulation, each house in this subdivision should have fire-fighting water in storage according to this formula: 1,000 gallons for each house, plus 100 gallons for each acre of land. 240 X 1,000 is 240,000 gallons. The average lot size is about 3 acres, times 100 gallons, equals another 72,000 gallons.

That means Hilldale Pines should have about 312,000 gallons of water in storage for fire fighting purposes. You currently have about 35,000 gallons of storage, or just over one tenth of what you should have.

The closest cisterns we have to Hilldale Pines outside the neighborhood are a 30,000-gallon tank on South Turkey Creek Rd, and a 10,000-gallon tank on Willow Springs Rd. Beyond that, the next closest is the pond on Hwy. 285 across from Aspen Park, and a collection of cisterns located throughout the district.

Members of Inter-Canyon Fire/Rescue have reviewed current fire fighting water storage in Hilldale Pines, and have considered the best locations and installation requirements for more fire fighting cisterns. It definitely would be to the advantage of Hilldale Pines to install more water storage.


Randy Rudloff, Fire Marshall
Inter-Canyon Fire/Rescue