Heating Choices Now and to Come

Wood burning seems to be a way of life for many of us living in Hilldale Pines. Wood is plentiful and needs to be cut to prevent fire danger; Many have all-electric heat and its just too expensive to turn up the thermostat; and the ambience of a nice fire seems to go with mountain living.

However, pollution from wood and coal burning, even up here, it becoming a problem. Do you ever go out at night expecting to smell fresh, crisp, mountain air and instead get a whiff of smoke, be it from coal or wood? If you are smelling or seeing a lot of smoke in the air, there are a lot of us burning wood or coal and probably not burning it efficiently.

If you are on all-electric heat, you might consider converting to propane (which later could be converted to Natural Gas.) The value of your property would probably be raised $3500-4000 according to most appraisers, not to mention the savings on your heating bills. (Its so much easier to turn up the thermostat than to haul and clean up after wood burning.)

We also have Natural Gas Lines in parts of Hilldale Pines and are working towards extending those lines. Following are articles by Independent Gas Company telling about Propane and Public Service Company on "How to Make Your House an Ideal Energy Home" and "Light a Better Fire with Natural Gas".

Natural Gas is part of our future and we should get ready for it.