Natural Gas Really is a Better Fire

Whether you choose natural gas logs or a natural gas fireplace, you can enjoy the comfort and beauty of a fire any day of the year. Natural gas logs are designed to fit into an existing fireplace using the flue for exhaustion. These realistic looking, ceramic logs range in size from 12 to 60 inches and simulate various types of wood. They burn at a slower, more controlled rate than wood-burning fireplaces so less warm air from your home escapes up the chimney.

Natural gas fireplaces are self contained units that can be installed as a freestanding fireplace or into an exising fireplace using a normal gas vent pipe much like a furnace or water heater. While they provide the beauty of a wood fire, natural gas firepolaces are a much better form or supplemental healt an dcan be up to 80% energy efficient.

Either way, natural gas lets you light a better fire. It gives you all the warmth and coziness of a wood fire plus these benefits.

Low Operating Costs - Natural gas logs cost between 20 and 40 cents (at 40,000Btu to 72,000 Btu and 42 cents per ccf. Operating costs vary, depending upon Btu input) per hour compared to about 96 cents (Using 1 cubic foot of lodgepole pine per hour at $120.00 per cord) for wood. And natural gas fireplaces cost only about 10 cents (70 percent efficiency at 42 cents per ccf) per hour compared to woodstoves at 15 cents per hour.

Convenient - Lighting is as fast and as simple as turning a knob or flipping a switch and some models even come with remote control. You'll never have to chop and haul wood again.

Safe and Maintenance Free - With natural gas, you don't have to worry about creosote buildup or chimney fires. Plus, there are no dangerous ashes or sparks inside your home.

An Investment in the Future

It costs very little to make sure our home isn't contributing to Colorado's pollution. Gas log sets cost from $400 - $700 installed and the logs last an average of 10 years. No more buying expensive cords of wood every winter. Complete gas fireplace systems start at $700 installed. And since both kinds of gas fires burn more efficiently, your cost for a fire will be less than with wood. Natural gas fireplaces are a small investment today and a big investment in clean air for the future.

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