Some Facts About Propane Gas Heat

General - Mountain residents need to know several thinkgs about propane heat. There are over 10 suppliers of propane in the Conifer area. Customers may choose the company of their choice. Companies vary in the amount of safety and service that is provided with the sale of the gas.

Odor of Propane - Propane in its natural state is odorless. Propane smells like gas only because an odorizing agent is addee. This odor warns you that there is a leak. When you smell this odor, that is your signal to go into action. Your propane dealer has detailed information about propane and its odor, what to do, what not to do. Since not everyone has the same sense of smell, electronic detectors are available for thos who cannot smell propane. Never, ever, let anyone convince you that the smell of gas means that it is time to order gas. Never. If it did not leak, you could not smell it.

Equipment Safety - Nothing lasts forever. It is wise to have the propane system inspected and tested periodically. Most propane companies do this. They will look for recalled valves, sticky safety valves, leaks compliance with codes, etc. Propane companies have literature on these inspections. Maintaining a continuous supply of propane is the safe way to manage gas appliances.

Reliability - The best propane service can be received by asking the supplier to keep the tank full and verifying for yourself that there is sufficient gas in the tank especially several days before a storm or leaving town. If you plan to be gone for several days, you will want a neighbor to check the supply of gas and that the furnace is keeping the house warm. You can expect your company to provide after hours service for their customers who have requested this "check and fill" service and have current accounts. There are several complications and inconveniences such as lighting pilots that can be avoided by never letting the tank run out.

Price - Some, but not all, companies quote prices over the telephone. One reliable method ascertain price is to ask neighbors what they pay for propane. The amount of service and the reliability of deliveries are considerations in the process of comparing price. Prices can be expected to rise in the winter and decline in the summer.

Rental Tanks - Approximately half the propane tanks in the area are owned by the gas supplier, who has the exclusive right to provide service to such rented tanks. Customers may change companies or buy the tanks. It is recommended that any changes be made in the warmer times of the year for obvious reasons.

Buying Appliances - It is no longer true that gas appliances may be easily converted from natural gas to propane. When buying an appliance, specify that the nameplate reads for "propane" or that the seller provides a factory conversion kit. You should have a guaranteed price and availability of this kit in advance.

This article was provided by Independent Gas. If you have any questions, please feel free to call them at 303-838-9880.