Wildfire Safety Guidelines for Mountain Homeowners
  1. Install 30 foot safety zone (minimum) around the homesite.

  2. Remove weeds, debris, and flammable fuels from within 10 feet of base of dwelling.

  3. Thin trees and brush so that a minimum of 10 feet exists between the outer edges of tree crowns within safety zones.

  4. Prune tree limbs to a height of 10 feet above the ground within safety zone.

  5. Cut tall grass within safety zone.

  6. Reduce density of all trees and brush within additional 100 to 150 feet of home site minimum spacing of 12 feet between trees.

  7. Develop external water supply for firefighting. Keep a garden hose available.

  8. Provide adequate driveway for emergency vehicle access and maneuverability.

  9. Remove all branches overhanging the roof or within 10 feet of the chimney.

  10. Clean debris from roof and gutter.

  11. Keep rakes, shovels, axes and hoes available for use as fire tools.

  12. Install chimney screen or spark arrestor.

  13. Enclose open porches and foundations, areas under overhanging decks, and roof or attic openings..

  14. Stack firewood uphill away from buildings.

  15. Clearly post house or lot number.

  16. Use non-combustible roofing materials.

More information in Creating Defensible Zones