Our Mountain Wildlife
Wildlife: Handle with Care/Approach with respect

People choosing to live among Colorado's "wild" creatures in their native mountain habitats should understand that it is the "outsider's" responsibility to adjust his behavior accordingly. With bear, bobcat, coyotes and mountain lions preying on "yummy" ditbits, human residents must take care not to tempt the natural instincts of these predators.

Don't Let Pets Run at Large:
Not only are you providing predators with another possible food source, you are also endangering all wild life. In addition to killing certain wild creatures, cats can destroy nesting areas and disrupt natural patterns. Dogs are extremely destructive, inefficient predators - maiming and killing on instinct and not out of necessity.

Don't Leave Any Food Outside:
Animals attracted to outside pet food may also eat your outside pet!

Don't Approach Wildlife:
Treat all wildlife with respect. Don't give them "pet" names.

Close to Home:
Landscape or remove native vegetation, especially around play areas, to eliminate hiding places for predators such as mountain lions. Children should not be allowed to play alone, should be supervised by an adult and should be inside the home by dusk.

Away from Home:
Make a lot of noise, especially during dawn or dusk, to let your presence be known. Wild animals do their best to avoid confrontation. If you encounter a mountain lion, don't panic or make quick movements. Avoid direct eye contact. Talk calmly and back slowly away. Do not turn your back, crouch or run. Never approach a wild animal, especially while it is feeding. Never get in between a mother and its young.